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What are the objectives of the Redevelopment Plan?

Developing a viable Redevelopment Plan for the potential reuse and development of almost 16,000 acres of land will require skill, knowledge, diligence and patience. The project’s scale and implementation horizon (build out) will require the community and other stakeholders to embrace a vision that can provide both inspiration and practical guidance. The Redevelopment Plan’s framework will need to remain flexible in order to leverage unforeseen opportunities – to respond at the speed of business.

Key objectives for the redevelopment planning process are as follows.

  • Providing the public with meaningful and on-going opportunities to participate in the planning process, not just initially, but as the Plan evolves over time;
  • Establishing a strong consensus around an inspirational, yet practical vision for the future;
  • Completing careful and comprehensive analysis of existing conditions and assets to determine both opportunities and constraints;
  • Determining highest and best land uses for the property which reflect both near term market factors and long term project objectives;
  • Maximizing opportunities for economic development and job creation that are consistent with the community’s overall vision for PuebloPlex;
  • Establishing and codifying goals, policies and procedures that will be used to direct decision-making and growth over time;
  • Creating a phased, focused, market-based and funded implementation strategy.

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