What are the steps in developing this plan?

The initial planning process will include the following elements:

Phase A: Project Initiation and Management
This Phase contains two tasks, project management protocol and the official project kick-off meeting.

Phase B: Data Collection and Analysis
This Phase provides the foundation for the redevelopment planning work and implementation strategies by working with the community to fully understand challenges and opportunities to be addressed and establishing a vision of the overall redevelopment effort. This phase will include stakeholder interviews, a community workshop, development of fiscal / financial / market overviews, an assessment of existing facilities and infrastructure, and environmental factors.

Phase C: Redevelopment Master Planning
The redevelopment planning process is the focus of this phase and is dedicated to the formulation of suitable and feasible redevelopment plan alternatives and the development of a preferred redevelopment plan.

Phase D: Redevelopment Plan Implementation Strategy
During this phase, the implementation strategy will be developed. This strategy will present the short-term strategic action plans necessary to carry out the Redevelopment Plan.