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What is the PuebloPlex Redevelopment Plan?

On April 28, 1994, the Colorado legislature created the Pueblo Depot Activity Development Authority (PDADA) to plan for the transfer of portions of the Pueblo Chemical Depot (PCD) to the community. In accordance with Public Law 100‐526, the 1988 Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) Commission recommended realignment of PCD by transferring its supply mission to Tooele Army Depot in Utah and its ammunition mission to Red River Army Depot in Texas. In December 2013, the Army formally declared 15,847 acres of PCD as surplus property, including approximately 5 million square feet of buildings and bunkers, 160 miles of roadway, 46 miles of rail infrastructure. The PDADA is in the process of repositioning the subject property into a mega‐site known as “PuebloPlex."

The Redevelopment Plan will be the roadmap to creating a dynamic, vibrant location that is to nurture job growth, expand the tax base and return the soon-to-be-former Pueblo Chemical Depot to its highest and best use. It is a mirror that will reflect the community’s vision. It is a template that will serve to focus that vision into practical, workable and achievable steps to realize the community’s vision. In short, the PuebloPlex Redevelopment Plan is the conduit through which voices will become choices – choices for something better.

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What are the objectives of the Redevelopment Plan?

Developing a viable Redevelopment Plan for the potential reuse and development of almost 16,000 acres of land will require skill, knowledge, diligence and patience. The project’s scale and implementation horizon (build out) will require the community and other stakeholders to embrace a vision that can provide both inspiration and practical guidance. The Redevelopment Plan’s framework will need to remain flexible in order to leverage unforeseen opportunities – to respond at the speed of business.

Key objectives for the redevelopment planning process are as follows.

  • Providing the public with meaningful and on-going opportunities to participate in the planning process, not just initially, but as the Plan evolves over time;
  • Establishing a strong consensus around an inspirational, yet practical vision for the future;
  • Completing careful and comprehensive analysis of existing conditions and assets to determine both opportunities and constraints;
  • Determining highest and best land uses for the property which reflect both near term market factors and long term project objectives;
  • Maximizing opportunities for economic development and job creation that are consistent with the community’s overall vision for PuebloPlex;
  • Establishing and codifying goals, policies and procedures that will be used to direct decision-making and growth over time;
  • Creating a phased, focused, market-based and funded implementation strategy.

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What are the steps in developing this plan?

The initial planning process will include the following elements:

Phase A: Project Initiation and Management
This Phase contains two tasks, project management protocol and the official project kick-off meeting.

Phase B: Data Collection and Analysis
This Phase provides the foundation for the redevelopment planning work and implementation strategies by working with the community to fully understand challenges and opportunities to be addressed and establishing a vision of the overall redevelopment effort. This phase will include stakeholder interviews, a community workshop, development of fiscal / financial / market overviews, an assessment of existing facilities and infrastructure, and environmental factors.

Phase C: Redevelopment Master Planning
The redevelopment planning process is the focus of this phase and is dedicated to the formulation of suitable and feasible redevelopment plan alternatives and the development of a preferred redevelopment plan.

Phase D: Redevelopment Plan Implementation Strategy
During this phase, the implementation strategy will be developed. This strategy will present the short-term strategic action plans necessary to carry out the Redevelopment Plan.

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Homeless Submission

As part of the base closure process and the Base Closure Community Redevelopment and Homeless Assistance Act of 1994, the local redevelopment authority, PuebloPlex, is required to reach out to any agency that serves the homeless in the region to see if they have a documented need for facilities on PuebloPlex (Pueblo Chemical Depot). The Act charges PuebloPlex with balancing homeless needs with community needs for economic and other development. The Act also requires preparation of a redevelopment plan indicating the support (buildings, property or funding) being made available to requesting homeless service provider. Agencies that determine they have a documented need for use of the PCD facilities need to submit their request to PuebloPlex. Two local Pueblo agencies responded to this request, the Rescue Mission and the Cooperative Care agencies. Both agencies are simply looking for the use of either an igloo or existing warehouse to operate a job training facility. PuebloPlex has requested that they submit their business plan’s to them by September 1, 2015 in order for their request to be formally reviewed. In addition to the two agencies that serve the homeless, there was one Public Benefit request made by the joint Colorado State Patrol, Pueblo County Sheriff, and City of Pueblo Police agencies for storage facilities and the current track facility for defensive training purposes.

In addition to developing a Redevelopment Plan, this project also includes the development of a Homeless Assistance Submission.

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