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Final PuebloPlex Redevelopment Plan and Homeless Assistance Submission

The PuebloPlex Redevelopment Plan and the Homeless Assistance Submission were accepted and approved by the PuebloPlex Board on Tuesday, February 23, 2016. This marks the end of the approximately 12-month planning process resulting in plan that embodies the community’s priorities of job creation, improved wages, and attracting new industries to support the Pueblo region.

The Plan documents can be viewed from the following links:

redevelopment1 plan

Click on the image to view for the PuebloPlex Redevelopment Plan (This 33.5 MB file may take a moment to fully download)

The Redevelopment Plan provides project background and information on the planning process, assessment of existing conditions, land use plan and proposed transportation circulation for PuebloPlex. 

appendix1 thumbnail

Click on the image to view the PuebloPlex Redevelopment Plan Appendix (This 64.6 MB file may take a moment to fully download)

The Appendix includes background information on past public participation activities and various technical assessments conducted to create the PuebloPlexRedevelopment Plan.

has thumbnail

Click on the image to view the Homeless Assistance Submission (This 38.8 MB file may take a moment to fully download)

The Homeless Assistance Submission was prepared in conjunction with the Redevelopment Plan and includes formal requests submitted to PuebloPlex from homeless assistance providers and agencies in need of land and / or facilities.


PuebloPlex Redevelopment Plan

On April 28, 1994, the Colorado legislature created the Pueblo Depot Activity Development Authority (PDADA) to plan for the transfer of portions of the Pueblo Chemical Depot (PCD) to the community. In accordance with Public Law 100‐526, the 1988 Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) Commission recommended realignment of PCD by transferring its supply mission to Tooele Army Depot in Utah and its ammunition mission to Red River Army Depot in Texas. In December 2013, the Army formally declared 15,847 acres of PCD as surplus property, including approximately 5 million square feet of buildings and bunkers, 160 miles of roadway, 46 miles of rail infrastructure. The PDADA is in the process of repositioning the subject property into a mega‐site known as “PuebloPlex."

The Redevelopment Plan will be the roadmap to creating a dynamic, vibrant location that is to nurture job growth, expand the tax base and return the soon-to-be-former Pueblo Chemical Depot to its highest and best use. It is a mirror that will reflect the community’s vision. It is a template that will serve to focus that vision into practical, workable and achievable steps to realize the community’s vision. In short, the PuebloPlex Redevelopment Plan is the conduit through which voices will become choices – choices for something better.

PuebloPlex Location

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